About Us

Kip & Wambui McKesson 

Kip and Wambui McKesson are based 33km south of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Kip started field collecting in 1989 and Wambui joined in 2006. Together, they exhibit at the major tribal art shows in the US and abroad. Offering well-provenanced sculpture and masks from Africa, they also field collect antique ethnographic furniture, baskets and everyday objects with sculptural form and beauty.

Kip McKesson, a Michigan native, has been an avid traveler his entire life. In 1989 he began selling ethnographic art following an extended trip around the world. During this trip he established contacts to help find art for sale in his gallery, based in the US. Originally his gallery offered objects from Africa, the Himalayas and Indonesia. In 1996 he began to focus exclusively on African art. He and Wambui travel the Great Lakes region of East Africa to collect authentic material and have an extensive network of suppliers and collectors who facilitate their clients requests.

Wambui McKesson is a Kenyan native whose passion is art. She is a Fine Arts graduate of Kenyatta University in Nairobi, a former model, and now a fashion and jewelry designer who also does interior design. Her latest endeavor, Mavumbini Fashion, features her latest designs using traditional African textiles. An adventurer and traveler, she joined Kip and is an integral addition to the quest for beautiful objects to offer their clients.